IEA Warning: Stop Using Gas-Powered Vehicles

We could see a bigger push for electric vehicles from companies, such as Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) and General Motors (NYSE:GM). Even though countries all over the world have pledged to cut emissions, it may not be enough.  According to a new report from The Climate Action Tracker, as noted by Yahoo Finance, “The recent pledges made by world governments to limit … Continue reading “IEA Warning: Stop Using Gas-Powered Vehicles”

Electric Vehicles Fueling the Need for More Graphite

With electric vehicle demand showing no signs of slowing, it’s increasing the need for high-quality metals, like graphite.  After all, graphite is an essential material used for producing the anode of lithium-ion batteries using in electric vehicles and energy storage. At the moment, it’s in big demand.  That’s because, by 2030, the world could see … Continue reading “Electric Vehicles Fueling the Need for More Graphite”

The Top Reasons the World Must Have More Lithium Supply

The world could soon run into a massive lithium supply crunch. All thanks to the electric vehicle boom that shows no signs of slowing down.  In fact, we can see just how enthused EV investors have become by looking at stocks, like Tesla and Nio.  While the pandemic has slowed growth, EV demand is only … Continue reading “The Top Reasons the World Must Have More Lithium Supply”

General Motors Cuts Dividend and Buyback Program

2020 has not been kind to dividends. Thanks to the coronavirus, General Motors (GM) just cut its quarterly cash dividend and its share buyback program.  All as the virus does severe damage to global auto sales.  “We continue to enhance our liquidity to help navigate the uncertainties in the global market created by this pandemic,” … Continue reading “General Motors Cuts Dividend and Buyback Program”