Substantial Lithium Demand Unearthing Opportunity

Governments all over the world want millions of electric vehicles on the roads.  All in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. There’s just one problem, though. There’s not enough lithium supply for that to happen – at least not yet. In addition, according to Reuters, “Forecasts call for demand for the white metals to surge … Continue reading “Substantial Lithium Demand Unearthing Opportunity”

IEA Warning: Stop Using Gas-Powered Vehicles

We could see a bigger push for electric vehicles from companies, such as Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) and General Motors (NYSE:GM). Even though countries all over the world have pledged to cut emissions, it may not be enough.  According to a new report from The Climate Action Tracker, as noted by Yahoo Finance, “The recent pledges made by world governments to limit … Continue reading “IEA Warning: Stop Using Gas-Powered Vehicles”