Electric Vehicle Charging Stocks to Consider

With electric vehicle sales only accelerating, there’s growing demand for EV charging stations.  So much so, the charging market could be worth $111.9 billion over the next six years from $17.59 billion in 2021. Helping, according to Fortune Business Insights, “Governments worldwide are contributing towards setting up the charging stations. For instance, the Chinese government … Continue reading “Electric Vehicle Charging Stocks to Consider”

Five Top Electric Vehicle Stocks for 2022

The electric vehicle boom is only accelerating. In fact, according to NBC News, “The auto industry is shifting from internal combustion technology to emissions-free battery and hydrogen powertrains. Several traditional brands have also committed to a complete transition, with Bentley recently laying out a target date of 2030 to switch entirely to battery-electric vehicles, or … Continue reading “Five Top Electric Vehicle Stocks for 2022”

Top Ways to Invest in the Accelerating EV Boom

The EV boom is accelerating. Over the last few days, General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) just announced it will boost global spending on EVs to 435 billion through 2025. The automaker will build two additional battery plants in the U.S. The company also announced it’ll invest $35 billion in a U.S. based lithium project to meet its … Continue reading “Top Ways to Invest in the Accelerating EV Boom”

IEA Warning: Stop Using Gas-Powered Vehicles

We could see a bigger push for electric vehicles from companies, such as Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) and General Motors (NYSE:GM). Even though countries all over the world have pledged to cut emissions, it may not be enough.  According to a new report from The Climate Action Tracker, as noted by Yahoo Finance, “The recent pledges made by world governments to limit … Continue reading “IEA Warning: Stop Using Gas-Powered Vehicles”

The Biggest Problem Electric Vehicles are Facing

The electric vehicle boom is only accelerating.  Governments all over the world want more of them on the roads.  Nearly 70% of Americans are interested in buying them.  Auto maker factories are being overhauled to produce electric cars, says CNN, and automakers are “snapping up every battery they can find.” Unfortunately, there’s a problem.  Companies … Continue reading “The Biggest Problem Electric Vehicles are Facing”

Electric Vehicles Fueling the Need for More Graphite

With electric vehicle demand showing no signs of slowing, it’s increasing the need for high-quality metals, like graphite.  After all, graphite is an essential material used for producing the anode of lithium-ion batteries using in electric vehicles and energy storage. At the moment, it’s in big demand.  That’s because, by 2030, the world could see … Continue reading “Electric Vehicles Fueling the Need for More Graphite”

New Tesla Deal Fuels Massive Rally in Lithium Stock

With increasing demand for lithium, the world could run into a massive supply crunch.  All on the heels of the electric vehicle boom.  In fact, EVs could dominate demand for lithium over the next 10 years, reports Reuters, accounting for more than 75% of the lithium’s consumption. According to Reuters, “the electric vehicle industry must … Continue reading “New Tesla Deal Fuels Massive Rally in Lithium Stock”