Teleconferencing Creating $90 Billion Opportunity

Thanks to the pandemic, demand for video teleconferencing stocks have gone from relative obscurity to center stage in a matter of weeks.  All as people around the world greatly limit face to face contact meetings to help stop the spread of the virus for school, for work, and for play. Grandview Research says the global … Continue reading “Teleconferencing Creating $90 Billion Opportunity”

The Top 3 Rules to Uncovering Value

Like most investors, one of your top goals has been to enjoy financial freedom at whatever age you choose. So it stands to reason that your money should ideally generate above-market returns with below market risk. That’s Rule No. 1.  Make your money work for you at all times. With fundamental analysis, we’re trying to identify … Continue reading “The Top 3 Rules to Uncovering Value”

The Top 5 Fundamental Analysis Tools to Understand

Fundamental analysis is key to understanding the underlying nuts and bolts of a company’s engine.  Without it, you’re often just blindly buying a stock, hoping for the best. Think of fundamental analysis as a must for gauging company health. A fundamental analyst is simply trying to understand the intrinsic value of a company stock – … Continue reading “The Top 5 Fundamental Analysis Tools to Understand”

The Top 5 Ways to Become a Better Investor

When markets are riddled with volatility, tried-and-true actions can help investors boost their chances for long-term success. Step No. 1 – Have Stop Losses in Place All of a sudden, your favorite small cap stock is falling out of the sky. What do you do? Do you sell? Do you hold? Or, do you freeze, … Continue reading “The Top 5 Ways to Become a Better Investor”

The Secret Behind John Templeton’s Success

Sir John Templeton was never considered a typical money manager. His Templeton Growth Fund grew at a rate of nearly 16% a year between 1954 and 1992, making it the top performing growth fund of the second half of the 20thcentury. Every $100,000 invested in 1954 was worth well over $55 million just 45 years … Continue reading “The Secret Behind John Templeton’s Success”

The Donald Trump Effect: Why it’s an Essential Catalyst

Love him or hate him, it really doesn’t matter. The fact remains that he has a tremendous impact on stocks with his tweets, his speeches, and his actions. In fact, we can prove it with history. Infrastructure cement, cyber security and even defense stocks were solid proof, as he began his term as president. For … Continue reading “The Donald Trump Effect: Why it’s an Essential Catalyst”