Demand for Mental Healthcare Shows No Signs of Slowing

At the moment, millions of people all around the world are seeking help for mental health issues.  All thanks to the pandemic. In fact, he issue has become so severe, the American Psychological Association (APA) says about 80% of adults (78%) say the pandemic is a significant source of stress. Two out of three adults … Continue reading “Demand for Mental Healthcare Shows No Signs of Slowing”

Teleconferencing Creating $90 Billion Opportunity

Thanks to the pandemic, demand for video teleconferencing stocks have gone from relative obscurity to center stage in a matter of weeks.  All as people around the world greatly limit face to face contact meetings to help stop the spread of the virus for school, for work, and for play. Grandview Research says the global … Continue reading “Teleconferencing Creating $90 Billion Opportunity”

With the Pandemic, Thermal Imaging Demand is Soaring

Without a pandemic vaccine in hand, companies, airports, schools, and hospitals are turning to temperature scanning technology, such as infrared thermal cameras, in an effort to help reduce the spread of the virus. “Thermal imaging and sensing technology will certainly be among the lines of defense against the virus, according to market research firm Yole … Continue reading “With the Pandemic, Thermal Imaging Demand is Soaring”

This is Why Moderna (MRNA) Was Just Downgraded

Just this morning, Moderna (MRNA) was downgraded by JP Morgan on valuation concerns. In fact, analyst Cory Kasimov said that while he is bullish on the stock, MRNA can no longer support the stock’s valuation. On that news, MRNA fell $10.  However, the pullback may not last long thanks to strong COVID-19 study results.  Remember, … Continue reading “This is Why Moderna (MRNA) Was Just Downgraded”

This is Why Face Mask Demand is Picking up Big Momentum

The coronavirus seems to get worse by the day. Months into the global pandemic, the virus has infected just over 11 million people worldwide, killing more than 530,000. U.S. states are backtracking on reopening plans as cases rise. Hospitals are being overwhelmed. There’s even fear global economies may need to be shut down again. “This … Continue reading “This is Why Face Mask Demand is Picking up Big Momentum”

This is Why Markets Are Not Reacting to the Protests

There’s been plenty of misery over the last few weeks. The global economy closed up shop.  Businesses closed their doors.  Schools ended their years early.  Retailers boarded up, or went out of business.  Millions of people lost their jobs.  All thanks to the threat of the coronavirus. However, it looks like the worst has been … Continue reading “This is Why Markets Are Not Reacting to the Protests”

The Top E-Commerce Stocks Higher on the COVID-19 Crisis

With the coronavirus keeping many of us at home, ecommerce is booming. In fact, online spending just in the U.S. is up more than 30% from March 2020 through mid-April 2020, says CNBC.  “That is significantly more growth — about 50% more — than the annual 20% growth in online shopping the firm has become … Continue reading “The Top E-Commerce Stocks Higher on the COVID-19 Crisis”