Demand for Mental Healthcare Shows No Signs of Slowing

July 5, 2021, By fierce,

At the moment, millions of people all around the world are seeking help for mental health issues.  All thanks to the pandemic.

In fact, he issue has become so severe, the American Psychological Association (APA) says about 80% of adults (78%) say the pandemic is a significant source of stress.

Two out of three adults (67%) say it’s lead to an increase in stress.  Some of the top companies getting involved with helping include AI/ML Innovations (CSE:AIML)(OTC:AIMLF), CloudMD Software & Services Inc. (TSXV:DOC)(OTC:DOCRF), VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (CSE:VSBY)(OTC:VSBGF), Empower Clinics Inc. (CSE:CBDT) (OTC:EPWCF), and Mydecine Innovations Group (CSE:MYCO)(OTC:MYCOF).

“When considering the physical and emotional toll of increased stress, nearly half of adults (49%) report their behavior has been negatively affected. Most commonly, they report increased tension in their bodies (21%), “snapping” or getting angry very quickly (20%), unexpected mood swings (20%), or screaming or yelling at a loved one (17%),” added the APA.

In addition, “Although demand soared during the pandemic, interest in virtual mental health services has been increasing for some time. “What most people don’t realize is that telepsychiatry and telemental health services were in pretty high demand, pre-CV-19. And, what CV-19 really did was catalyze the adoption of those services,” said Jamey Edwards, CEO, Cloudbreak Health, as quoted by Healthcare IT News.

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