eSports Boom Could be a $5.2 Billion Opportunity

It’s “Game On” for the esports boom.  Over the next seven years, the industry could be worth up to $5.2 billion, says Emergen Research, from $1.165 billion in 2020.  A “rise in popularity of video games and rapid growth of live esports coverage platforms are major factors driving market revenue growth. Increasing popularity of gaming … Continue reading “eSports Boom Could be a $5.2 Billion Opportunity”

ESports Revenue Could Easily Pass $1 Billion this Year

The esports boom is gaining a great deal of momentum.  In fact, according to Newzoo’s Global esports and Live Streaming Market Report, the market could reach $1.084 billion this year – 14% growth year over year, as reported by Reuters.  “Newzoo anticipates that the esports industry will make $833.6 million — more than 75 percent … Continue reading “ESports Revenue Could Easily Pass $1 Billion this Year”