ESports Revenue Could Easily Pass $1 Billion this Year

The esports boom is gaining a great deal of momentum.  In fact, according to Newzoo’s Global esports and Live Streaming Market Report, the market could reach $1.084 billion this year – 14% growth year over year, as reported by Reuters.  “Newzoo anticipates that the esports industry will make $833.6 million — more than 75 percent … Continue reading “ESports Revenue Could Easily Pass $1 Billion this Year”

Top Ways to Invest in the Accelerating EV Boom

The EV boom is accelerating. Over the last few days, General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) just announced it will boost global spending on EVs to 435 billion through 2025. The automaker will build two additional battery plants in the U.S. The company also announced it’ll invest $35 billion in a U.S. based lithium project to meet its … Continue reading “Top Ways to Invest in the Accelerating EV Boom”

Demand for Mental Healthcare Shows No Signs of Slowing

At the moment, millions of people all around the world are seeking help for mental health issues.  All thanks to the pandemic. In fact, he issue has become so severe, the American Psychological Association (APA) says about 80% of adults (78%) say the pandemic is a significant source of stress. Two out of three adults … Continue reading “Demand for Mental Healthcare Shows No Signs of Slowing”

How to Invest in $379 Billion Digital Health Market

With greater demand for digital health, the U.S. government is investing $80 million to create a new public health informatic and technology program. In fact, according to Forbes, “Over the past decade, the idea of digital health has transformed from simple patient-portals and rudimentary EMR systems to a more vast ecosystem, ranging from healthcare devices, … Continue reading “How to Invest in $379 Billion Digital Health Market”

Plant Based Food Could See $1.4 Trillion in Sales

With global food giants pushing into plant-based foods, the industry could grow 100 times larger by 2050, according to Credit Suisse, as reported by Financial Review. In addition, “A report on the shifts in the global food industry forecasts that global sales will climb from $14 billion to $1.4 trillion within 30 years for plant … Continue reading “Plant Based Food Could See $1.4 Trillion in Sales”

Substantial Lithium Demand Unearthing Opportunity

Governments all over the world want millions of electric vehicles on the roads.  All in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. There’s just one problem, though. There’s not enough lithium supply for that to happen – at least not yet. In addition, according to Reuters, “Forecasts call for demand for the white metals to surge … Continue reading “Substantial Lithium Demand Unearthing Opportunity”

This is Why Cyberattacks Will Continue

The cybersecurity issue is getting way out of hand.  After all of the attacks, we’re still not ready for them. Hospitals, schools, and financial institutions aren’t ready. “Nearly 29% of organizations haven’t tested their cyber defenses for a year and out of them more than half weren’t confident about whether their plans will work as … Continue reading “This is Why Cyberattacks Will Continue”

IEA Warning: Stop Using Gas-Powered Vehicles

We could see a bigger push for electric vehicles from companies, such as Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) and General Motors (NYSE:GM). Even though countries all over the world have pledged to cut emissions, it may not be enough.  According to a new report from The Climate Action Tracker, as noted by Yahoo Finance, “The recent pledges made by world governments to limit … Continue reading “IEA Warning: Stop Using Gas-Powered Vehicles”

In Booming Cannabis Industry, Look for More M&A

Cannabis mega-mergers could create industry giants.  Weeks after Tilray and Aphria merged, Trulieve Cannabis just announced its plans to acquire Harvest Health & Recreation in a $2.1 billion all-stock deal. Combined they would be one of the largest cannabis companies in the world, in terms of sales, notes Barron’s. Coupled with state and potential federal legalization … Continue reading “In Booming Cannabis Industry, Look for More M&A”

Corporate Wellness an $84.5 Billion Opportunity

More than ever before, health and wellness have become top priorities for companies.  After all, “There has always been a strong correlation between wellness in the workplace and an employee’s wellbeing, especially considering the fact that adults spend most of the better part of the day working,” said Angela Franco, President & CEO, D.C. Chamber of Commerce, as quoted by WDVM. “The current public … Continue reading “Corporate Wellness an $84.5 Billion Opportunity”