Invest in $786.2 Billion Digital Marketing Boom

Investors may want to pay close attention to the digital marketing industry, and related stocks, such as INEO Tech Corp.’s (TSXV: INEO) (OTCQB: INEOF), Criteo SA (NASDAQ: CRTO), Quotient Technology Inc. (NYSE: QUOT), The Trade Desk Inc. (NASDAQ: TTD), and Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG). The market – valued at about $350 billion in 2020 – … Continue reading “Invest in $786.2 Billion Digital Marketing Boom”

Top Ways to Invest in Copper Today

Governments all over the world are pushing for a greener future.  The U.S. promised to cut emissions by up to 52%.  Europe says it’ll cut emission by up to 55%.  China says it’ll stop releasing CO2 in the next 40 years.  But for that to happen, the world must have more copper.  Unfortunately, with copper … Continue reading “Top Ways to Invest in Copper Today”

It’s Still a Good Time to Invest in Gold

It’s still a good time to invest in gold. In fact, according to Kristian Hooper, Chief Investment Strategist at Invesco, “Gold prices will remain well supported through the rest of the year as rising recession and stagflation fears dominates sentiment throughout financial markets,” as noted by  “The Fed’s hawkish stance is helping to drive up … Continue reading “It’s Still a Good Time to Invest in Gold”

Lithium Supply Could Put the Brakes on Net Zero

There’s just not enough lithium to meet growing demand. In fact, if the world can’t fix the supply-demand gaps for lithium, it’s tough to imagine any net zero transitions. According to the CEO of the International Council of Metals and Mineral Mining, Rohitesh Dhawan, as noted by Sky News, “We can see quite a large … Continue reading “Lithium Supply Could Put the Brakes on Net Zero”

Top 5 Ways to Trade Rising Uranium Demand

Uranium prices are regaining a healthy glow. For one, there’s a good deal of global demand, with some countries planning to build even more reactors.  Two, we have global leaders attempting to cut back on harmful emissions, which could increase dependency on uranium. In fact, according to Jon Bey, President and CEO of Standard Uranium, … Continue reading “Top 5 Ways to Trade Rising Uranium Demand”

Top 5 Wine Stocks to Consider for 2022

Investors may want to keep an eye on the wine industry. A recent report from Fortune Business says the global wine market was worth $339.53 billion in 2020.  From there, it’s expected to grow to $456.76 billion by 2029. “The demand and consumption of the drink has been held up in most of the markets … Continue reading “Top 5 Wine Stocks to Consider for 2022”

The Top 5 Uranium Stocks to Consider

Uranium stocks could regain a healthy glow. According to Cameco President and CEO Tim Gitzel, as quoted by World Nuclear News, “Increasing demand for nuclear means increasing demand for uranium, which brings us to the second factor that is driving our growing optimism – demand for uranium is rising at precisely the same time that … Continue reading “The Top 5 Uranium Stocks to Consider”

Five Copper Stocks to Keep an Eye On

Investors may want to pay close attention to copper stocks, such as CopperCorp Resources Inc. (TSXV: CPER) (OTCQB: CPCPF), Freeport-McMoRan (NYSE: FCX), Southern Copper Corporation (NYSE: SCCO), Teck Resources Ltd. (NYSE: TECK), and Turquoise Hill Resources (NYSE: TRQ). After all, copper is an essential metal needed in EVs for the motors, batteries, inverters, and wires. … Continue reading “Five Copper Stocks to Keep an Eye On”

How to Profit from Potential $839B Healthcare Market

The global home healthcare market could be worth $839 billion by 2028, says Zion Market Research, which could be a significant catalyst for companies such as Quipt Home Medical Corp. (NASDAQ: QIPT) (TSXV: QIPT), Amedisys Inc. (NASDAQ: AMED), LHC Group Inc. (NASDAQ: LHCG), Savaria Corporation (TSX: SIS) (OTC: SISXF), and Addus Homecare Corporation (NASDAQ: ADUS). In … Continue reading “How to Profit from Potential $839B Healthcare Market”

Gold Could Rally to $2,500 in 2022

Gold may still be a golden opportunity. After running to $2,000 earlier this year, Goldman Sachs still believes the metal could see $2,500 by the end of the year—especially with fears of a potential recession. According to Jeff Currie, Goldman Sachs global head of commodities research, as quoted by Bloomberg, “It’s a perfect storm for … Continue reading “Gold Could Rally to $2,500 in 2022”