IPO Akanda Corp. Soared 265% on Debut

Akanda Corp. (NASDAQ: AKAN), an international medical cannabis company, commenced trading on The Nasdaq Capital Market under the ticker symbol “AKAN.”  Out of the gate, shares of AKAN are already up 265% to $14.63.  The news has also been substantial for $14 million Halo Collective Inc. (NEO: HALO) (OTCQB: HCANF), which holds a 44% stake … Continue reading “IPO Akanda Corp. Soared 265% on Debut”

Top Cannabis Companies with Substantial Catalysts

While Xebra Brands (CSE: XBRA)(OTCQB: XBRAF) waits on further cannabis developments in Mexico, the company commenced formal cannabis cultivation in the Netherlands, including THC varietals. In fact, according to the company, “As 1 of only 5 companies to be selected by the Dutch government to participate in trial medicinal cannabis cultivation, Xebra is endeavoring to be … Continue reading “Top Cannabis Companies with Substantial Catalysts”

The Mental Health Crisis is Only Getting Worse

Mental health is on the decline all over the world. In fact, as reported by Sky News, a report authored by the Lancet-World Psychiatric Association Commission estimates that, “around 5 per cent of the adult population around the world in any year is living with depression. In high-income countries, about half of people suffering from … Continue reading “The Mental Health Crisis is Only Getting Worse”

An $80 Billion NFT Market Investors Can’t Miss

The non-fungible tokens, or NFTs market could have significant potential. So much so, analysts at Jefferies just raised their market forecast for NFTs to $35 billion for 2022, and to more than $80 billion by 2025. The analysts added that, “companies and celebrities are buying plots of virtual ‘land’ in The Sandbox and Decentraland, allowing … Continue reading “An $80 Billion NFT Market Investors Can’t Miss”

Lithium Prices Could Accelerate Higher in 2022

The world is in desperate need of lithium supply. For one, “lithium might run out by 2025. And as electric cars begin to take over the roads, lithium stocks could turn out to be some of the biggest winners,” as noted by Forbes. Two, the world could need five times more lithium that is currently … Continue reading “Lithium Prices Could Accelerate Higher in 2022”

This Could Help With the Obesity Epidemic

The obesity epidemic is still bursting at the seams.  In fact, according to Medical News Today, the issue contributes to more than five million global deaths every year.  In addition, according to the World Health Organization, obesity has tripled since 1975.  More than 1.9 billion adults were overweight, as of 2016, with more than 650 … Continue reading “This Could Help With the Obesity Epidemic”

Top Catalysts that Could Drive Cannabis to Higher Highs

Cannabis stocks could race to higher highs in New Year 2022, including Xebra Brands (CSE:XBRA)(OTCQB:XBRAF), Aurora Cannabis (NASDAQ:ACB)(TSX:ACB), Canopy Growth (TSX:WEED)(NASDAQ:CGC), Tilray Inc. (NASDAQ:TLRY)(TSX:TLRY), and OrganiGram Holdings (NASDAQ:OGI)(TSX:OGI) thanks to substantial catalysts. For one, in the U.S., Congress could decriminalize cannabis this spring. In fact, according to The Hill, federal proposals could establish banking services … Continue reading “Top Catalysts that Could Drive Cannabis to Higher Highs”

Cannabis Ruling Seeing Big International Coverage

Mexico could be one of the biggest players in the North American cannabis market, according to Xebra Brands (CSE:XBRA)(OTC:XBRAF), the first company allowed to commercialize cannabis per a Mexican Supreme Court ruling. Even better, according to Xebra Brands President Robert Giustra, as quoted by Reuters, “Mexico is clearly legalizing. It’s going to happen, probably next … Continue reading “Cannabis Ruling Seeing Big International Coverage”

Top Ways to Trade the Plant Based Boom in 2022

Global retail sales of plant-based food could be on course for $162 billion in sales by 2030, says Bloomberg Intelligence. “Food-related consumer habits often come and go as fads, but plant-based alternatives are here to stay — and grow,” said Jennifer Bartashus, senior consumer staples analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, as quoted by SupermarketNews.com.  “The expanding … Continue reading “Top Ways to Trade the Plant Based Boom in 2022”

Top Cannabis Beverage Stocks for 2022

The CBD beverage market could be worth about $3 billion by 2025, according to analysts at Grand View Research. In fact, according to the firm, “Rising demand for wellness drinks is anticipated to drive the growth. Moreover, the low sugar content of the product and the presence of an appropriate quantity of cannabis for consumption … Continue reading “Top Cannabis Beverage Stocks for 2022”