The Most Powerful Catalysts for Cannabis in 2021

February 21, 2021, By fierce,

It’s been a busy few days for cannabis reform.  Lawmakers from multiple states just approved new legalization bills in committee.  For example, the Hawaii Senate Committee on Public Safety, Intergovernmental and Military Affairs just approved legislation that could allow adults 21 and older to possess and purchase cannabis from licensed retailers, as reported by Marijuana Moment.

Minnesota just approved a bill to legalize cannabis.  Should it pass, it would allow adults 21 and older to purchase ad possess up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis, and cultivate up to eight plants.  New Mexico approved a comprehensive cannabis legalization bill.  A measure to legalize cannabis in North Dakota cleared the state’s House Human Services Committee.

In addition, at the federal level, some lawmakers want to introduce legislation that could start reversing the current ban on cannabis.  Helping, far more Americans now favor legalization.  In fact, a Gallup poll shows support at a new high of 68% from 66% year over year.

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