Ketamine May be Able to Treat Mood Disorders

Psychedelics, like ketamine could be key to revolutionizing mental health. In fact, according to medical university, Karolinska Institutet, “In a new study, researchers at Karolinska Institutet have further investigated the molecular mechanisms underlying ketamine’s antidepressant effects. Using experiments on both cells and mice, the researchers were able to show that ketamine reduced so-called presynaptic activity … Continue reading “Ketamine May be Able to Treat Mood Disorders”

The Weight Loss Tool That Could Help Billions

The obesity epidemic is still bursting at the seams. At the moment, 1.9 billion people are overweight, with more than 650 million considered obese.  In addition, by 2022, $245 billion will be spent on products and services battling the issue. All according to NeonMind Biosciences (CSE:NEON) (OTC:NMDBF), which is one of two companies working to … Continue reading “The Weight Loss Tool That Could Help Billions”