Mushroom Market a Potential $62 Billion Opportunity

February 1, 2021, By fierce,

The functional mushroom market is experiencing substantial growth.

So much so that by 2023, the market could be worth $62 billion, increasing from $42 billion in 2018, as noted by Research and Markets.

In addition, “Rise in awareness associated with the consumption of functional food and ingredients is expected to drive the market growth as well as rise in demand of applications of functional mushroom due to the growing healthcare benefit of mushroom is also expected to drive the market growth,” as reported by Verified Market Research.

Not only can mushrooms help activate cell immunity in humans, as noted by The New Daily, mushrooms are thought to help with better sleep, energy, stress reduction, memory, and relaxation.  Reportedly, mushrooms such as Reishi can help with sleep, anxiety, and depression. Chaga can help with inflammation for example. Turkey tail can help support the immune system, and assist with some cancer prevention.

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