Mental Health Embracing Psychedelic Therapies

April 12, 2021, By fierce,

These days, we can make a very strong case for mind-altering treatments for mental health.  Not only is the US FDA supportive of its use, but countless studies from some of the world’s leading companies are showing just how useful it can be.

  • A study from JAMA Psychiatry just found that psilocybin “worked better than the usual antidepressant medications,” as noted by NPR.
  • New York Univ. found “Psilocybin produced immediate, substantial, and sustained improvements in anxiety and depression and led to decreased in cancer-related demoralization and hopelessness, improved spiritual well-being.”
  • The Beckley Foundation said, “Psilocybin was well-tolerated and induced rapid and lasting reduction in the severity of depressive symptoms.”
  • The US FDA says psilocybin is a “breakthrough therapy” for clinical depression.

In short, it may only be a matter of time before mind-altering drugs make their way into treatments for mental health.  If that happens, the industry could be worth well over $100 billion, as Eight Capital analysts have noted.

Better, according to Wired UK, “Psychedelic medicine will begin to cross over into the mental health mainstream in 2021. In both Europe and the US, medicines regulators have eased restrictions on using MDMA to treat post-traumatic disorder (PTSD), and on psilocybin – the active substance in magic mushrooms – to treat depression. 2021 will bring new clinical trials, as support for the use of psychedelics in medicine continues to gain momentum.”

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