5G Revolution: Three Top Small-Cap Stocks to Keep on Radar

September 24, 2019, By fierce,

The 5G story is being blared across headlines.

All as investors get excited for the opportunity.  In fact, many believe 5G could usher in a $12 trillion opportunity.  Cowen & Co. analysts have already called it a “revolution.”

President Trump tweeted, “I want 5G, and even 6G technology in the United States as soon as possible.  It is far more powerful, faster, and smarter than the current standard.”

That’s just part of a much bigger story for investors.

For some idea on how powerful a story this could be for investors, consider this.

When 3G came to market, devices were to access broadband technology. As a result of the story, companies like Qualcomm saw their stocks explode more than 1,000%.

Then 4G hit in 2008.  Cell tower companies exploded. Crown Castle (CCI) rocketed from $30 to $141.  American Tower Corporation (AMT) jumped from about $40 to a current price of $225.

But to be very honest with you – none of that compares to what’s coming.

5G Could Have an Even Bigger Impact

5G will give you speeds like you could never even imagine.

Right now, 4G clocks in around 100 megabits per second, which is fast.  But with 5G, that ramps up to 10,000 megabits per second – 100x faster than 4G.  That’ll eliminate slow connection speeds, creating mobile supercomputers in the palm of our hands.

It’ll also help connect the world and many more devices.  From cloud storage and the Internet of

Things to augmented reality, 5G will change just about everything.

Some of the top smaller-cap 5G names to be aware of include:

Ceragon Networks (NASDAQ:CRNT)

CRNT provides wireless backhaul solutions that enable cellular operators and other wireless service providers to deliver voice and data services worldwide. Its wireless backhaul solutions use microwave radio technology to transfer telecommunication traffic between base stations, small sells, and the core of the service provider’s network.

Boingo Wireless (NASDAQ:WIFI)

Boingo Wireless, Inc. provides wireless connectivity solutions for smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, and other wireless-enabled consumer devices. It designs, builds, monitors, and maintains distributed antenna systems (DAS), Wi-Fi, and small cell networks at managed and operated hotspot locations, such as airports, transportation hubs, stadiums, arenas, military bases, universities, convention centers, and office campuses in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia; and offers software applications and solutions to access its Wi-Fi network of approximately 1.5 million hotspots.

Diodes Corporation (NASDAQ:DIOD)

Diodes has already secured design wins for several 5G applications, such as those in base stations, data centers, and small cells — radio equipment and antennas placed on streetlights and utility poles, as reported by Money Show.

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